Q: How much does Chakra H2O cost?

A: Retail Price: $12/bottle + local taxes, but right now we’re having a summer sale! SUMMER SALE: Buy two bottles of Chakra H2O and receive one FREE! (June 1-August 31, 2018, while supplies last)

For the summer, we also have 33% off with our subscription ($8/bottle + local taxes), if you purchase 12 bottles/month. Subscription information here. Twelve bottles currently remains our recommended consumption for the month.

Currently there’s no obligation with reoccurring payments requirements. We email reminders to those who previously purchased a subscription the month their refill comes due for their subscription. Semi-annual reminders will be emailed following an absence of subscription refills. 

While you initiate the subscription service online, an in-person pick-up may be available from one of our offices or pop-up shops. If one isn’t available, then mail-out currently remains your only option with client paid shipping usually ranging $2-$5 per shipment. Currently subscriptions only offered to Saskatchewan and Alberta patrons. We love suggestions. Please suggest a retail store in your city, so we can bring Chakra H2O closer to you!


Q: What is a Vibrational & Ceremonial water?








A: During a H2O ceremony, we place Chakra H2O in medicine wheel under a full moon and infuse each bottle with the sound of crystal bowls, didgeridoos, mantra, affirmations, meditations, and coaching words for healing and growing. Using the ancient medicine wheel elements with the morning sun light and night moonlight, each word and song was consciously spoken to infuse the water for the purpose of healing, growing, and empowerment. We also infuse the essence of crystals in each bottle according to the chakra (red onyx, orange calcite, citrine, aventurine, sodalite, amethyst chevron, and clear quarts).  Crystalline energy, sound, and the medicine wheel heightens the vibrational frequency to assist in a chakra transformation journey.

Chakra H2O provides a physical tool supporting your healing and growth journey to meet your goals. It holds vibrations to heal and balance the chakras, so behavioral adjustments can be supported, gently adjusted, and applied specifically to your own life situation during your journey (you’re the one drinking it after all). Goals can be met completely for both your healing and growth journeys, as you nourish and align yourself taking in vibrations into your own energy system to treat the mind, body, and soul.

We see Chakra H2O as a friend beside you supporting increased happiness through healing yourself first. Supporting your ability to make clear decisions and choices based on what’s best for you. It’s extra support though sticking points or reoccurring habits you wish to overcome. Get unstuck, clear, and take action on moving forward with a water assisting you in doing so. Your friend loves seeing you move towards a more authentic version of yourself and cheers you on to stand in who you are. It’s time to prioritize happiness over the crippling fears holding you back, and there’s a H2O flavor to walk beside you during the journey. It’s your new best friend.

Inspire others. Heal yourself first targeting each area of the chakra system.  Be a part of the energetic shift occurring in the world right now. Move towards a pure authentic version of yourself. Be a part of the shift of becoming more enlightened and self-aware.


Q: How do I know which Chakra H2O I need?

A:You can find a complete description of the H2O’s and what adjustments they support here. Also, see the chart below outlining common issues and which H2O we recommend choosing.











Q: Can Chakra H2O be diluted?

A: Yes but with intention. It can be up to doubled or mixed with other water using your own intention. Some days you wake up and slam down some Chakra H2O from your bedside table, and some days you drink it intentionally during meditation. Depends on the day you’re having or expecting and the person. Chakra H2O vibrational energy absorbs into your own energy system, so it’s applied specifically to you. Adding your intention only makes it more potent for YOU! Get creative! How will you add your intention to Chakra H2O?


Q: Why do we encourage adding your own intention and/or intentional water to Chakra H2O?

A: You take your own intention along with ours straight into your own energy system. We’re about supporting the energetic shift of the world right now one individual at a time. Empowering you to put your own vibrations into the water, as many others who have purchased Chakra H2O do. It’s a collaborative of world healing and growth working one person at a time. Your growth and healing energy starts with you, then spreads to each individual close to you. The parts make up the whole. Heal and grow the individuals, then the whole world will grow and heal. Up for the challenge of helping us out? We think so.


Q: Why isn’t Chakra H2O in a glass bottle?!

A: We wish it was glass too, and perhaps it will be one day! The costs of shipping and custom labeling glass increases the cost of Chakra H2O. As a new product, we must keep costs down, so it’s affordable for consumers to try initially.

In the future, we may consider increasing the price of Chakra H2O and switching to glass. We assure you the bottles continue to contain the vibrations, and you may place Chakra H2O in your favorite glass bottle upon purchase. You may also return empty Chakra H2O bottles for a deposit refund at your local recycling depot

Q: How do you protect Chakra H2O and maintain the vibrational energy of the ceremony?

A: Crystals surround Chakra H2O during storage alongside other sacred objects used in ceremony in a previously cleared space, and all bottles remain stored according to chakra. A crystal also goes into each box to protect Chakra H2O during transport. Most retailers have crystals in their their space and also have their own unique energy protection in their stores. For the consumer, we recommend keeping Chakra H2O in a calm space in your home protected by your favorite crystal.

Q: Can I recycle my Chakra H2O bottles?

A: Yes! You can also return them for a deposit refund at your local recycling depot. As Chakra H2O becomes more established, we hope to have Chakra H2O in more environmentally friendly bottles. As a new product, we must keep costs down, so it’s affordable for consumers to try initially.

Q: How much do I consume?

A: You may take a couple of sips to a half bottle a day. Use your discernment and intuition, as you know yourself best. When you add your intent and purpose, you add more power to your system and Chakra H2O. Be mindful and embrace your experience. If you decide to drink the whole bottle in 1 day, that’s okay too.