Autumn Wisdom: A Knowing Recipe
Autumn Wisdom: A Knowing Recipe



Intuitive Story

Autumn remains the best time to set intention lasting through the cold winter. Ask for wisdom and developing your inner knowing during the fall to guide you through the cold winder months. Find stillness in the fall months to recognize your inner knowing. I want to grow, and to do this I must trust my knowing. I must explore and go down paths in order to gain the wisdom to grow into exactly who spirit wishes me to be.

While on knowing, I always enjoy nature. The inspiration for this recipe came, while on one of my exploratory walks. When exploring outside ask your inner-self for guidance. Where must you go, and be mindful of every little thing around you. During my inspiring walk, I came to an alley I had never seen before. It was an alley riddles with more garbage and spray paint than usual. With each mindful step, I knew I was bringing healing to the alley.

I feel knowing assists us to get in touch with our intuition, so we can do our purpose in the world both on a large scale and in the minuscule moments of time. Maybe it’s to walk down an alley at that moment, so finally someone with good intention walks it. On a larger scale, perhaps my mindful walk prepared me to write and share this recipe with you. There’s moment knowing and big picture knowing at work in the vibes of this H2O.

Bring the mindfulness of nature into your Chakra H2O with this recipe to gain access to your inner knowing in the moment and big picture knowing. Set your intention to prepare for the long winter ahead in your grid. As you know, we love working together for the energetic shift of the world. This recipe encourages you to add your own vibrational intention with ours. Use pure Chakra H2O or up to double the H2O with regular water then charge with your intent.


Earthy Autumn Knowing Recipe

1. Find a surface or material to create your grid on. Place the Chakra H2O bottle or your mixture (Chakra H2O + regular water) as a center piece to build your grid around.

2. Choose crystals for your grid, which resonate with you. I used the third eye crystal amethyst and the heart crystal rose quartz. I chose to add the rose quartz, because I want the energy of unconditional love mixed with my wisdom and knowing for the winter

3. Collect a couple handfuls of various colored leaves from outside preferably from your own property, where the dwelling you live in resides. Collect enough to cover the edge of your grid with each leaf touching.

4. Place any other object in the grid to help with autumn intention. Recipes can be modified to suit each individual.

5. Meditate for a minimum of five mentions and set your intention. Put your intention out there for growth and/or healing using your thoughts, feelings, and words via asking, singing, making a plan, having a goal in mind, or having a feeling in your body (i.e. joy, perfect health, etc). This intention will be meant to carry you through autumn to prepare you and provide wisdom for the winter months ahead.

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