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Subscription & Price Policy

Save 25% (33% in summer 2018) off our retail price and with our subscription option ($9/bottle + GST) ($8/bottle + GST summer 2018), when you purchase 12+ bottles/month in one single purchase with an online request. Exact quantity varies according to bulk order and subscription option selected up to a maximum of 16 bottles. Twelve bottles currently remains our recommended consumption for the month.

Subscriptions are for individuals and small groups, if you’re a retailer looking to have Chakra H2O in your store, please contact us. Subscription orders offer Chakra H2O consumers a continued experience or journey over a period of time (one month, three months or seven months) through our two subscription plan options. Please see the details on each subscription option for more information and journey support.

At certain times of the year (holidays, pop-up shops, etc), we may offer one-time one-month bulk orders (12 to 16 bottles), with no obligation of reoccurring payments requirements. This option does not come with the additional subscription products and content.

While you initiate the subscription service and bulk orders online, an in-person pick-up may be available from one of our or pop-up shops. If one isn’t available, then mail-out currently remains your only option with client paid shipping. Also, we do not mail out quantities less than twelve bottles, because out retailers offer single bottle or small order purchases. We love suggestions. Please suggest a retail store in your city, so we can bring Chakra H2O closer to you!


Shipping Policy

Currently only subscription purchases eligible for shipping to Saskatchewan and Alberta residences with some exceptions within each province. We’re working to bring Chakra H2O to British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario soon! We strive to process orders within one business day during regular operating months.

Because we batch orders, we can apply a reduced flat rate shipping calculated on checkout for subscription/bulk orders individuals to pay according to delivery/carrier/postage company dimension and weight calculations and buyer address. Often Chakra H2O offers reduced shipping rates during certain times of the year. We pay shipping to retail clients via delivery/carrier/postage. Flat rate shipping currently only to most Saskatchewan  and Alberta addresses during summer 2018. Please contact us for details.

Allow one to five business days for processing and three business days for shipping, as we strive to batch orders. We track packages through shipping company provided tracking numbers. For suspected lost packages, we contact the shipping company first attempting to locate the package. We replace proven lost packages and pay shipping, if evidence proves package to be completely lost.

If a buyer provides an incorrect shipping address, we meet the buyer half way on shipping for the second shipping attempt, once we receive the initial package back.The shipping replacement for incorrect address will be calculated according to delivery/carrier/postage company dimension and weight calculations and buyer address, then divided in two for buyer to pay one half of shipping.

**Please note most Saskatchewan & Alberta towns and cities are eligible for $2/$5 flat rate shipping on summer 2018 sale. Following summer 2018 sale, the shipping rates will increase. We reserve the right to refuse orders from towns/cities, where we can’t get the package to you at a reasonable rate according to our shipping company policy.


Quality Guarantee

Chakra H2O meets Health Canada standards with all bottles being sealed (post-filtration ozonation). Water infused vibrationally, ceremonially, and consciously in a medicine wheel with sacred sound, mantra, affirmations, meditations, crystalline energy, and coaching guidance to assist in a chakra transformation journey. The current best before date on the vibrational portion of our products is October 24, 2019. Water best before date stamped on bottle. Reverse osmosis used to remove minerals, chemicals, contaminates, salts, and chlorine from original river water source. Majority of fluoride removed, but traces may remain, because it occurs naturally in water sources. 


Refund & Exchange & Subscription Cancellation Policy

Sorry, we do not offer refunds for Chakra H20. We offer information, charts, quizzes, FAQs, detailed descriptions, and content to help with your purchase decision. Try these options first prior to deciding to purchase Chakra H2O. We recommend first time consumers purchase small quantities from retailers or a one time bulk order initially to try our product ensuring it’s right for them. Chakra H2O isn’t for everyone, so please ensure you read the chakra information, look at the charts, try the quiz, and read our content prior to purchase.

If you’re part of the subscription program, you may exchange sealed waters with intact labels showing minimal wear, so it’s suitable for resale, for another chakra type. This option can occur up to once per subscription period. Exchange up to sixty days after shipment date. Initiate an exchange claim through contacting us. User paid shipping for exchanges, when shipping applies calculated according to delivery/carrier/postage company dimension and weight calculations and buyer address. You may alternately bring them to a pop-up shop for exchange, if part of the subscription program. 

For the three month subscription buyers, you may cancel anytime after receiving your first order. Cancel up to five business days prior to upcoming order. For the seven month subscription buyers, you may cancel anytime after receiving your third order. Cancel up to five business days prior to upcoming order.