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During a H2O ceremony, we place Chakra H2O in medicine wheel under a full moon and infuse each bottle with the sound of crystal bowls, didgeridoos, mantra, affirmations, meditations, and coaching words for healing and growing. Using the ancient medicine wheel elements with the morning sun light and night moonlight, each word and song was consciously spoken to infuse the water for the purpose of healing, growing, and empowerment. We also infuse the essence of crystals in each bottle according to the chakra (red onyx, orange calcite, citrine, aventurine, sodalite, amethyst chevron, and clear quarts).  Crystalline energy, sound, and the medicine wheel heightens the vibrational frequency to assist in a chakra transformation journey.

Chakra H2O provides a physical tool supporting your healing and growth journey to meet your goals.  Each bottle holds vibrations to heal and balance the chakras, so behavioral adjustments can be supported, gently adjusted, and applied specifically to your own life situation during your journey (you’re the one drinking it after all). Goals can be met completely for both your healing and growth journeys, as you nourish and align yourself taking in vibrations into your own energy system to treat the mind, body, and soul.

We see Chakra H2O as a friend beside you supporting increased happiness through healing yourself first. Supporting your ability to make clear decisions and choices based on what’s best for you. It’s extra support though sticking points or reoccurring habits you wish to overcome. Get unstuck, clear, and take action on moving forward with a water assisting you in doing so. Your friend loves seeing you move towards a more authentic version of yourself and cheers you on to stand in who you are. It’s time to prioritize happiness over the crippling fears holding you back, and there’s a H2O flavor to walk beside you during the journey. It’s your new best friend.

Inspire others. Heal yourself first targeting each area of the chakra system.  Be a part of the energetic shift occurring in the world right now. Move towards a pure authentic version of yourself. Be a part of the shift of becoming more enlightened and self-aware. 



Choose your new best friend…


Home: Root Chakra H2O

Goal affirmation. The final goal Home inspires within you… 
“I build my foundation within. I am grounded and secure in who I am. My needs are met in abundance, peace, and harmony. I am home.”

Key achievements. What Home supports and encourages you to achieve… grounding, survival, surrender, gratitude, self-worth, mindfulness, determining personal values, regulating sleep, addressing fears at a foundational level, character endurance, resilience, trust, increased energy, promotes healthy immunity, spending money according to values.


Becoming: Sacral Chakra H2O


Goal affirmation. The final goal Becoming inspires within you… “I am becoming. I am a sacred being flowing in creative expression. I am balanced within myself. As I rediscover myself, my relationships with others unfold in positive possibility”

Key achievements. What Becoming supports and encourages you to achieve… accepting yourself and your path, emotional balance, healthy emotional expression, comfort, going with the flow, joy, movement, nurturing, recovery, embracing transition, sorting, exploration, balance feminine and masculine, balance emotional and physical, creativity, healthy sexuality, creating with others, promotes healthy nourishment for the body.


Purpose: Solar Plexus H2O


Goal affirmation. The final goal Purpose purpose inspires within you… “I am my authentic self in divine purpose, strength, inspiration. I stand in who I am. Purposeful energy fuels my dreams.”

Key achievements. What Purpose supports and encourages you to achieve… Embracing and achieving your authentic self, energy and action for fueling your purpose, enforcing boundaries, confidence, motivation, believing in yourself, good decision making, big picture thinking, turning dreams into reality, achievement, individuality, self-awareness, self-realization, self-discipline, proper digestive function, living your values.


Love: Heat Chakra H2O


Goal affirmation. The final goal Love inspires within you… “I open my wings to freedom. My heart sings with love, compassion, and gratitude. I forgive and release, as I move into complete unconditional love.”

Key achievements. What Love supports and encourages you to achieve…Unconditional love, non-attachment, letting go, recognize and adjust to what draws us to freedom and releasing what doesn’t, appreciation, admiration, relinquishing of material objects, balance loving yourself and others, balance giving and receiving, patience, empathy, peace, forgiveness, healthy grieving, acceptance, openness to receiving love.


Truth: Throat Chakra H2O


Goal affirmation. The final goal Truth inspires within you… “In clarity, I express my authentic self with truth, creativity, and joy. Confidently I sound. I listen. I share.”

Key achievements. What Truth supports and encourages you to achieve…honesty, clear communication, strength of character, integrity, expression of self-awareness and inner-self, inner-truth, accountability, expressing your heart, harmony with others, healthy expression of emotions, negotiations, humbleness, improved listening skills, creative and artistic expression, creative expression though sound, words, speech, writing, and art. 


Knowing: Third Eye Chakra H2O


Goal affirmation. The final goal Knowing inspires within you… “I trust my intuition. In knowing, I discover stillness. I clearly see and receive new gifts and possibilities in me.”

Key achievements. What Knowing supports and encourages you to achieve…increasing and trusting intuition, releasing expectation, meditation, mindfulness, releasing limiting thoughts and ideas, conscious awareness, releasing mind dominance, stillness leading to understanding and knowing, analyzing and interpreting the world from not only our mind but from intuition, feelings, body, and spirit, release of the ego, visualization, surrender, believing, to see and deeply understand the world, self-reflection, universal guidance.


Oneness: Crown Chakra H2O


Goal affirmation. The final goal Oneness inspires within you… “I transcend ego connecting to self-awareness, unity, peace. I expand to my true potential of universal oneness. I AM.”

Key achievements. What Oneness supports and encourages you to achieve… oneness with everyone and everything in nature, understand how the parts make up the whole of the universe, transcendence of ego, complete self-awareness and understanding your potential in universal oneness, divine consciousness, bliss, connection to universal intelligence, living consciously according to your divine purpose, unity, peace, gateway to source, enlightenment, understanding everything’s connection at a fundamental level, understanding order and fate, knowing the deeper meaning of life, selfless realization, ohm, understanding connection between life and death, universal wisdom.



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